VR stands for “Virtual Reality”, which refers to experiences happening in an immersive digital environment that more or less obstructs the physical reality of the audience. Most VR experiences involve a piece of equipment called a “VR headset”, or “VR glasses” that one person puts on in order to explore audio-visually (and tactilely as well, depending on the technology used) a 360˚ video world.

We used 360˚ film to tell stories of Portuguese migration. Since their content is pre-determined, not generated in real time by the computer, like in proper VR, the experience should rather be called CVR (Cinematic Virtual Reality). Immersion and telepresence are part of the 360˚ video experience, which seems more appropriate to the project’s overall theme than regular video formats.

The 5 short 360° films were presented on VR headsets during the “Ellipses” CVR Exhibition in Portugal, Romania and Spain.

Artists: Creative Lemons (Daniel Martins, Cristina Leite, Vânia Silva, Sofia Ferreira)

Producer: Município de Lousada (PT)

Duration of the exhibition: 1 month (March-April and April-May 2018)

Location: Lousada (PT), Buzău (RO), Murcia (ES)

Audience reached in all countries: approx. 850 people

The films are available in Portuguese, with English and Romanian subtitles: