On the 30th of May 2019, we held the Telepresence and Migration International Symposium at CINETic in Bucharest. We presented the results of the project and opened the dialogue towards the wider field of telematic performance, 360 degree film and VR, in relation to the subject of migration. The symposium reunited the Tele-Encounters project team, professors and PhD students from UNATC and international guest experts. Lots of insightful ideas were exchanged during the day!
We thank all participants!
UK guests: Prof. Dr. Johannes Birringer (Brunel University London), Prof. Dr. Andy Lavender (University of Warwick), Sylvia Lane (Bath Spa University)
UNATC: Prof. Dr. Nicolae Mandea (Rector of UNATC), Prof. Dr. Dan Vasiliu (director of the Doctoral School UNATC), Dr. Alexandru Berceanu (director of CINETic), Lect. Dr. Diana Vasile, PhD student Armine Vosganian
Bianca Floarea (Coordinator of the Creative Europe Desk Romania)
Tele-Encounters project team: Marina Hanganu (artistic director of Tele-Encounters), Prof. Dr. Ion Mircioagă (associate director RO), Javier Galindo (associate director ES), Adelaide Pacheco (implementation manager PT), Eduardo Ribeiro (artistic director PT), Mircea Kivu (sociologist), Andreea Darie (actress), Radu Solcanu (actor), Gabriel Sandu (project PR), Gina Chivulescu (project manager of Tele-Encounters).

The event was organized by Teatrul Dramatic “George Ciprian” Buzău, in partnership with The National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest via the Doctoral School and CINETIc.

Read the Telepresence-and-Migration-Symposium-programme-notes