I think the fact that you are watching the action from inside makes you identify yourself with the migrants in a different manner than you would had you been watching it from outside. One of the consequences is you can be aware of the hardships of migration from a unique point a view that keeps you involved, from which those problems are you own.

I think it is an interesting way of living this issue.

You could tell how difficult it was.

I think it’s interesting how this innovation is applied to everyday life.

It is an issue that keeps getting more and more relevant for us.

I felt a lot of empathy towards the things I’ve watched.

Part of me felt identified, since I have lived some of those life situations.

Yes, pretty much so, because all of a sudden the man had to migrate and leave his wife and daughter behind. When he let his wife know about the news, she reacted positively and encouraged him.

Finding yourself in a situation like this one makes you think that we don’t value enough the country we are living in, migrating to another country involves adapting yourself to that new culture and to new ways of thinking and acting. It is therefore starting anew one more time.

It focused on family, which is the closest theme to us all.

I could not seem to identify with the migrants.

It’s about family, and most of the times that is precisely what we don’t actually know about emigrants’ lives. 

The subtitles are not adapted to the VR and because of this aspect I could not get a hold of the emigrants’ situation.

I think the language did not help me feel inside the movie.

The story and how it was told made me feel involved.

It is difficult to get inside the story.

I understand the problems of the migrants, but in this short some of the motivations do not stand (it’s as if there are scenes missing).

Too focused on family issues.

An original way of studying the world of human migration.

It is a good experiment in order to empathize with the migrants.

All it’s about is family drama.

You can feel what might happen to them.

We always think from the migrant’s point of view, not from that of the people that are left behind.

I think that what we are trying to convey is too deep and far-reaching to be turned into a briefly told story that hardly causes any empathy at all. It’s not bad, but the issue should be addressed in a more efficient manner.

I already know about the issues of emigration.

I have personally lived emigration, it hasn’t been that very situation, obviously, I understand it but I do not feel identified because mine has been different.

The concept of family as something to leave behind instead of something to be working on and being present is an interesting discourse.

Sometimes we must make tough decisions, in this case migrating to another country in order to make money, study, etc.

I prefer a video in original size with no rotation because it makes me pay more attention to the story.


I don’t need movies in order to understand something I have already lived.

Because it presents life situations such as they are and with the advantage of experimenting it in first person.

I didn’t learn anything new.

I did not know there were such cases in Portugal.

For many years, emigration was a great option for people all over the world that could even mean a change in their quality of life.

It lacks more music and dramatism.

It’s more about family issues.

It’s too short, by the time you try and empathize with the characters, it’s over.

It needs more of a plot.

We can see a dysfunctional family situation since the father had to leave the family in order to achieve a better status for the family and the youngster cannot be able to understand it and he can only see that his father has decided to abandon them, not that he is doing that for their sake.

If there is no work in your home country, then unfortunately the best option is to emigrate.

It gives you an idea about the situations that can appear when you decide to emigrate.

It makes you understand what it means to be away from the loved ones.

The subtitles were in English and there was no time to read them.

It helps you get closer to situations you didn’t know existed.

Yes, movies help one understand situations such as these ones.

It’s long and doesn’t express much.

My family has lived this over the last two centuries, they crossed the Atlantic in search of a better life.

I have never lived this situation and the short made me see what it meant.

I have a member of my family living abroad and I know what the family is going through, how tough it is for them.

It’s a situation I have never lived but which I understood.

Many times we don’t think about the situation of the family, but about that of the person who emigrates alone.

Yes, although the stories aren’t very elaborate.

Because I have seen how tough it is to emigrate.

Yes, although I didn’t fully empathize.

From the family point of view and I have understood some situation people go through when they migrate.

Seeing the film really made me understand a little better the migration issue and get involved more.

Time is finite and sometimes it’s not worth it to migrate in order to obtain an easier life if that means you won’t be able to be with your family.


It made me understand better because I was present at the moment it happened

I felt like a movie character

It enabled us to better understand the emotional situation of those who leave their country

Yes, because it is very difficult to work outside and don´t see your family for months.

Because these short films made me realize that it is good to be emigrated but at the same time it is bad because we have to make some sacrifices.

Because there are many emigrants at the moment.

The part of staying a while without seeing family, or financial issues

It helped me to know some more disadvantages.

The story was not touching nor did it speak very well about emigration!

Insofar as we can see what it feels like to experience immigration in your life.

The film allowed us to really feel the circumstances in which people live and the consequences of it.

It is not easy to keep a family together if someone has to emigrate.

Because the films showed different realities about emigration.

It’s like we’re there.

As I watched the 5 movies I witnessed several stories about emigration, this helped me to realize its advantages and disadvantages!

Because it is not always good.


Because they showed me a love story from which I could lean!

Yes, they helped me since I could better understand what it is like to have a family member away in other countries.

Yes, it helped me better understand the problems.

Being far away from home is a painful experience that ruins family relationships.

The need to leave home for a foreign country to help one’s family.

The film evidences an idea I agree with: the time spent within the family is much more important than material wellbeing.

No, as I knew the problem for a long time, having my parents abroad, and I knew what the advantages/disadvantages are.

It didn’t make me understand because the story was not that interesting and it didn’t captivate me.

I have no connection to migration.

An advantage of migration is the improved material condition, even if there are certain disadvantages (relationships between family members get colder and this can lead to the family’s falling apart).

You have the chance to see it’s not a personal problem, but one at a much larger scale.

An advantage of migration is money, a thing a child can’t understand and this can affect the relationship between the child and the one who is gone forever. I understood this thing, but something changed when the person left for the first time and it has never been the same again.

Yes since children feel lonely without their parents.

Yes. Since I’ve seen these problems [in the film], not only heard about them.

From the film I watched I found out how hard it is to emigrate and how many bad things can happen to a family if something like this happened.

The advantage is that your family that you separate from will lead a better life, will be more well-off, but a disadvantage I experienced is that you miss a lot the person who goes away from you, you want to see her as often as possible, even if there is technology and you can see that person on camera it is not the same as when she holds you in her arms. It is very painful for her not to be next to you in the most important moments of your life.