VR stands for “Virtual Reality”, which refers to experiences happening in an immersive digital environment that more or less obstructs the physical reality of the audience. Most VR experiences involve a piece of equipment called a „VR headset”, or „VR glasses”, that one person puts on in order to explore audio-visually (and tactilely as well, depending on the technology used) a 360˚ video world.

As part of this project activity, The Municipality of Lousada will commission five short films (each 5-10 minutes long) to one director, four actors and one multimedia company. The films will explore migration and Internet relationships between family members separated by distance. During the development period, the director and actors will create the film scripts based on the interviews taken in Spain and Portugal, rehearse them and then shoot the short films with support from the multimedia company. Immersion and telepresence are part of the 360˚ video experience, which seems more appropriate to the project’s overall theme than regular video formats.


The immersive film exhibition will be organized in Portugal and will feature ten VR headsets for visitors to experience the artists’ videos. The films will be uploaded on YouTube 360˚ and will also be available on VR headsets for audiences in Buzău and Murcia. We will rely on young volunteers to supervise the exhibition and also help visitors use the technology.

The exhibition is meant to encourage the use of 360˚ film by allowing artists to explore this new technology and come up with fresh artistic vocabularies. As part of this activity, Municipio de Lousada will host two conferences. One of them will be dedicated to 360̊ films and will be chaired by the film director in conversation with the artists. The second talk will be about migration and Internet relationships and will be chaired by the sociologist hired by Teatrul Dramatic George Ciprian, in conversation with the local community. These talks will be open for the audience’s intervention in all three countries and will also be live-streamed and stored on the project website.