Telematic Theatre

Telematic theatre takes place in at least two spaces simultaneously, which are connected in real-time via telecommunication systems or the Internet. Our telematic performance will connect two theatre studios, one in Buzău (Romania) and the other in Murcia (Spain), via video-conferencing and Kinect animations.

The performance will explore the technologically mediated relationship between a left-behind teenager in Romania and their parents working in Spain, as well as their relationship with the home country and destination country. The story will be based on interviews with migrants in Spain and their families in Romania. Although we will focus on Romanian migrants, their stories will aim to be relevant as well for the condition of other migrants within the EU. There will be two separate audiences, one in Spain and the other one in Romania, who will witness the story unfold between actors who are physically present, and actors who are telematically present via video-conferencing and Kinect animation avatars. The animations will also be controlled in real-time. The actors in one space will be projected in the other space and will thus be able to interact. The Romanian cast will comprise three professional actors, while in Spain there will be one professional actor and at least two acting students. The performance will be bilingual – in Romanian and Spanish – and translated via projected surtitles in both countries. Its full duration will be around one hour and a half.


Livestream – “The Planet of Lost Dreams” – 29.09.2018, 20:00 (RO) / 19:00 (ES)



Before the performance – time lapse: