Comunicados de imprensa

1308, 2018

The Planet of Lost Dreams – Telematic Performance

You can read press articles about the "The Planet of Lost Dreams" premiere at The "George Ciprian" Theatre in Buzău  in the following publications: Ș - Despre perioada de casting - Despre perioada

1308, 2018

Interactive Animation Tests

You can read press articles about the open digital animation tests in the following publications: Radio România Internațional Agerpres

1308, 2018

Interviews with Migrants and Left-Behind Families

You can read press articles about the interview stage of „Tele-Encounters” in the following publications: Adevărul  

1308, 2018

Project Overview (Start)

You can read a general overview of "Tele-Encounters" in the following press publications: Agerpres Opinia Buzău Popular Televisión R.Murcia

1807, 2018

I want to be happy close to the ones I love. That’s it. (PT)

Q: Good Morning. How old are you? A: 51. Q: Are you married? Do you have any children? A: I am married and I’ve got two children: a boy and a girl. Q: How old are

1807, 2018

He left without big farewells (PT)

Q: Good evening. How old are you? A: 16. Q: Do you have any brothers or sisters? A: No, I’m an only child. Q: Who do you live with? A: I live with my mother.

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