Interviews with migrants

1804, 2018

My dream is that my kids have a good life (ES)

  Q: Age? A: 48 years old. Q: How was your life like before you made the decision to leave your country? A: At first I left my country by myself, in 1999, and left

1804, 2018

Us, Romanians, have a bad reputation, that’s the way it is, we had to fight it (ES)

Q: How old are you? A: 46. Q: How long have you been in Spain? A: Well, M. was born here, so 17 years, almost 18. Q: Do you have kids? A: Yes, two, M.

1804, 2018

It is all with money in Romania (ES)

  Q: Age? A: 45 years old. Q: How long have you been in Spain? A: For 15 years. Q: Do you have kids? A: I have two, a daughter and a son. The girl

1203, 2018

I also had a dream to travel and get to know Europe (RO)

Respondent ID 1.1. Age: 54 1.2. Sex: M 1.3. Country of residence: Romania 1.4. Respondent moved abroad: 11 years ago 1.5. Number of children: 2 1.6. Age of younger child: 10 1.7. Age of elder

2802, 2018

I learned to start from zero anytime (RO)

1. Respondent ID I: Age: 45 I: Sex: M I: Country of residence: Romania I: Respondent left the country: 17 years ago I: Number of children: 2 I: Age of younger child: 6 I: Age

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