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We wanted to live an experience and perhaps return afterwards (ES)

Q- Before coming to Spain, did you have a job? A.-Yes. Q- What did you do? A- I was a sculptor. Q-

Portugal has been the bridge to come to Spain (ES)

Q- How old are you? A- 50. Q- Where do you live? A- Spain. Q- Do you have children? A- No. Q-

I don’t want to go back to Portugal (ES)

Q: How old are you? A: 33 years old. Q: Do you have kids? A: No Q: How long did you stay

You have to carve out a future anywhere in the world (ES)

Q: How old are you? A: 34 years old. Q: Where are you living right now? A: I live in Córdoba. Q:

We are an intercultural family (ES)

Q: How old are you? A: Haha, what a bad question! I am 49 years old. Q: How many years have you

The Planet of Lost Dreams – Telematic Performance

You can read press articles about the "The Planet of Lost Dreams" premiere at The "George Ciprian" Theatre in Buzău  in the

Interactive Animation Tests

You can read press articles about the open digital animation tests in the following publications: Radio România Internațional Agerpres

Interviews with Migrants and Left-Behind Families

You can read press articles about the interview stage of „Tele-Encounters” in the following publications: Adevărul  

Project Overview (Start)

You can read a general overview of "Tele-Encounters" in the following press publications: Agerpres Opinia Buzău

I came here because everyone was talking about Spain, not for need (ES)

Q: Age? A: 39 Q: How long have you been here? A: 15 years. Q: Do you have kids? A: Yes, a

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