Municipio de Lousada

Co-organizer (Portugal)

The Municipality of Lousada is an institution of local public administration aiming to pursuit the interests of the population in the territory of Lousada Council, the district of Porto. Specific objectives for culture: a) to promote the cultural activity of the council (local initiatives); b) to ensure contact with the municipality associations and support their cultural actions; c) to assist with the organization of fairs, festivals and other cultural activities; d) to manage the municipal spaces for cultural events; e) to preserve the cultural identity of the council, particularly in the areas of music, theatre, arts, films, literature and dance; f) to propose the publication of works or other promotional media for the cultural values of the municipality; g) to disseminate cultural activities; h) to boost the Municipal Library as a tool for cultural development; i) to administer, preserve, promote and raise awareness about the historical and archaeological heritage of the county.


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Manuel Nunes
Manuel NunesManager
Artur Pinto
Artur PintoFinancial Manager
Adelaide Pacheco
Adelaide PachecoManagement Assistant
Rute Cunha
Rute Cunha Secretary